The Problem Solvers Comedy Podcast

Mike Muratore and Ron Bush bring in weird, highly intelligent, socially conscious or seriously mentally disturbed folks in each week to discuss current events.Each week ends with Ron & Mike solving the problems of our guests

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Flipped Out Comedy is coming to a city near you soon! We're currently killin the game bouncing around SF, Las Vegas, LA, Salt Lake City and San Diego. Keep coming back fore new show dates.

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If you love our stand up, you'll call your therapist and set yourself a new appointment after our video. From stand up to sketches and sitcoms Flipped Out Comedy is t^*ched in the head funny.

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About Us

Flipped Out Comedy is a bunch of stand up comedians, writers, producers and professional weirdos dedicated to making you learn while you laugh.


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Formal re-launch May 18th, 2018!


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