LA Field Trip
Scarface love: Kiss me

Our Approach

You could also call this section "Our philosophy" or "Our vision." This is where we talk about what drives us and our business and what's unique about our process. What we write here should be something distinct and interesting that sets it apart from others in our industry. Instead, we think about The ending to Avengers Infinity War and punchlines. We also did this photo skid row ..DTLA.

Our Story

We are the product of society, parents, teachers, friends and religion. Our only hope is to be a little bit better tomorrow than we are today. As comedians our job is to speak truth to power, make people think and hopefully grow. If the definition of comedy is truth and pain, then the number one rule is Relate-ability. All this and more makes our job even more important today. Life isn't about being politically correct. But life is always better when we love and maintain self respect.

The Comedians

Flipped Out Comedy comedians are the best comedians you never heard of but sure as hell do now.


Ron Bush

The Scariest Gay Man in America

Think Stand Up Comedy meets South Park. White people love him and you will too.

Mike Head Shot 1

Mike Muratore

The Serial Killer of Comedy

This guy is amazingly insane. He makes it you love the weirdest shit about you.

Jeff Keller

Jeff Keller

America's Adult in the room

He's the adult in the room, think black Joe Biden...If Joe Biden was raised in the Hollywood pimps.  Thank God this is only comedy.

Next Steps...

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